Are you a Shelbyville, Tennessee, homeowner struggling to keep your energy bills in check? Switching to a smart thermostat is an easy and affordable solution. These thermostats have Wi-Fi capability and other features to help your HVAC system run more efficiently. Here are just a few reasons you should consider making the upgrade to a smart thermostat.

Lower Energy Bills

Smart thermostats help to reduce your cooling costs. You will see significant savings on your energy bills with any of our Trane thermostats. Research our thermostat options and consider the benefits each provides in savings. Our extensive selection means you are sure to find the perfect style and price range for your needs.

Automatic Learning

Some smart thermostat models have automatic functions that learn your family’s cooling preferences over time. For example, if you always adjust the temperature before leaving for the day, the smart thermostat will eventually make these updates automatically. Smart thermostats are easier to program and make temperature and humidity control a lot easier.

Movement Sensors

Along with learning your air conditioning preferences, smart thermostats can detect when someone is home. They will adjust cooling output accordingly, so you maintain comfortable temperatures and avoid energy waste. Thermostats with sensors free you from having to remember to set the thermostat based on your schedule.

Wireless and Remote Capabilities

Today’s smart thermostats allow you to check and change settings from anywhere you have an internet connection. The remote feature allows you to adjust the thermostat if you’re planning to head home early. Convenient, anytime access enables you to always keep your home at just the right temperature.

Energy Tracking

Another high-tech feature smart thermostats offer is the ability to track your AC’s energy use. You can view changes in energy consumption for specific periods. These reports provide enough detail to allow you to make adjustments and keep those bills in check.

Ready to upgrade to a smart thermostat? Call Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration at 931-241-4851 to learn more about our line of thermostats.

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