Here in Tullahoma, Tennessee, the need for on-demand hot water is no different than anywhere else. However, there are many types of equipment you can use to deliver that hot water consistently throughout your home. Thanks to its efficiency, a tankless water heater is easily one of the best home upgrades you can make. But like any appliance, certain issues can affect its performance.

Mineral Buildup

Mineral buildup is a problem that can affect both traditional and tankless water heaters. Hard water has high mineral content. And the harder your water is, the higher chance your water heater will suffer from mineral buildup.

The two most common minerals found in water that contribute to scale buildup in tanks are magnesium and calcium. You can use a descaler kit every six months and a water softener to slow down mineral buildup.

Cold Water

If you have family members in your home who often take back-to-back showers, you may suffer from gaps of cold water. For instance, if you get into the shower right after someone else has used it, the water may feel warm to start. However, you may then experience many seconds of cold water before the temperature gradually warms up again. This is because, while they are super fast, tankless water heaters aren’t entirely instant.

Now, the cold-water sandwich is just a system design flaw. However, if you experience long periods of cold water, it could be due to a water heater that fails to ignite properly. This could be because of your gas supply, so it’s best to bring a professional in to check things out.

Air Supply Issues

Many tankless water heaters will show an error code on the display whenever the exhaust or air supply is blocked within the system. This is because such problems mean the system is having issues with venting or combustion. If you’re noticing these errors or other problems, you need to call in a professional who can check the vent pipes, connections and clearance around the unit.

Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration has a team of professionals who can help locate and repair issues with your tankless or standard water heater. If you’re having any problems, give us a call at 931-241-4851 to schedule an appointment today.

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