Maintenance plans are all about keeping your heating and cooling systems in tip-top condition. That’s good for the equipment, but you gain so much more from this service. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that you’ll stay comfortable in your Tullahoma, TN, home no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Peace of mind is the greatest benefit you’ll receive when you sign up for a maintenance plan, but there’s a host of additional perks to enjoy as well.

Lower Energy Bills

Even a small glitch in your home comfort systems can send energy bills soaring. Problems with airflow, for example, can reduce efficiency by up to 15 percent. Professional tuneups optimize systems so that they perform more efficiently in every season. The greater their energy efficiency, the less you’ll spend on monthly operating costs year-round.

A Healthier Home

Preventive maintenance can also make your home a healthier place to inhabit. By filtering out contaminants and balancing humidity levels, well-maintained systems help improve indoor air quality, so everyone can breathe fresh, clean air 24/7. Clean-running systems help safeguard your household from the harmful effects of airborne pollutants and allergens.

Long-Term Savings

Maintenance plans save you money over the long haul too. Your equipment will last longer and require fewer repairs. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ll reap the full rewards of the investment you’ve made in your family’s comfort. It’s wonderful not having to worry about unexpected repair costs as well. Signing up for a preventive maintenance plan might seem like an expense you can avoid, but it’s worthwhile when you consider the benefits and savings in the long run.

Carefree Comfort

At Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration, we make it easy for you to give your comfort systems the care they need to operate at peak performance. You’ll also have the option of signing up for a maintenance plan or scheduling service when you need it. You don’t need to commit to a long-term contract. Simply contact us at 931-241-4851 and we’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience. To learn more, check out our maintenance plan or call us today. Don’t forget to ask about our special pre-season discounts in spring and fall!

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