With all the new HVAC technology it can be hard to know which system is best for your Shelbyville, Tennessee, home or business. Geothermal heating and cooling is not exactly a new concept, but few HVAC dealers carry and install these systems, and not many people are aware of their benefits as an indoor comfort solution. Our team has the skills and experience to get you on your way to appreciating and enjoying all that a geothermal system has to offer.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A geothermal system could go a long way toward improving the air quality in your home. During spring, when the temperature is rising and, the pollen level is high, life can be miserable for many Tullahoma residents. Unfortunately, some of this pollen can enter your home.

You’ll understand contaminants entering via window or doors or even on your clothing. However, it might be harder to accept that your AC could introduce some of these contaminants into your home. You eliminate this problem with geothermal systems.

Truly Smart Technology

Geothermal energy is an ideal power source because it is clean and inexpensive. The temperature below the ground remains relatively constant throughout the year. Vertical or horizontal pipes buried underground outside your home or business contain fluid. In winter the fluid absorbs stored heat from the ground. The indoor unit compresses the heat and distributes it indoors. The reverse happens in summer, and the geothermal system pulls heat out of your home or business and sends it into the ground.

This system works with nature, so you reduce your carbon footprint. Geothermal systems are also very durable and last longer than traditional HVAC systems. They also require less maintenance. The upfront cost may seem daunting, but these systems mean considerable savings over time. Geothermal systems are increasing in popularity today. To learn more about the benefits of this energy-saving HVAC option and how they can work for your Shelbyville, Tennessee, home or business, call Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration today at 931-241-4851.

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