The most inconvenient time to have trouble with your tankless water heater is the dead of winter. If your home’s water is only lukewarm or boiling hot, you probably have a problem with yours. Before you purchase a new tankless water heater, there are a few things you can do to make sure yours runs as efficiently as possible. Here are few tips to make sure the tankless water heater in your Tullahoma, Tennessee, home keeps you warm this winter:

Adjust Your Thermostat

Though tankless water heaters are generally pre-set to 140 degrees, most manufacturers actually recommend that you set yours to 120 degrees. Setting your water heater a little lower saves energy and prevents you from getting scalded. A hot shower is nice, but not if it’s with overheated water.

Check Your Home for Drafts

Your water heater might be working overtime if your house is drafty. Cold air from outside often finds its way inside via gaps or cracks in the house. To prevent the cold from causing problems with your water heater, add foam to your window sills to keep cold air out. You should also insulate your pipes with foam to keep the water hot. Preventing drafts is the simplest way to keep warm.

Practice Sensible Venting

You should also make sure your water heater isn’t vented directly into oncoming winds since temperatures are freezing this time of year and can weaken your tankless water heater’s abilities. In colder climates, your tankless water heater’s vent should be at least six feet long. Following this recommendation ensures that your water heater isn’t too close to the cold outside air.

During the frigid winter months, follow these tips to make sure your tankless water heater keeps your water comfortably hot. To ensure your system’s longevity, give Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration a call at 931-241-4851.

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