We love the Tullahoma, Tennessee, area — until the fall allergies hit. There’s no better way to make a good day an uncomfortable one than sneezing, coughing and congestion. If you or a loved one experience bad allergies, consider these tips for fall allergy relief:

Stay Inside on High-Pollen Days

One of the best ways to avoid fall allergies is by staying indoors. But you don’t have to stay inside for the entire season to avoid them. Check your area’s allergy and pollen forecasts before you plan your days out to decide if it’s worth the adventure.

Keep the Outdoors Outside

Try to avoid keeping windows and doors open for too long. Though the weather might be nice, exposing your home to outdoor allergens means you won’t be able to avoid them anywhere. A good HVAC system can cut down on the pollen that gets inside your home, as well. Be sure the air in your bedroom is well-conditioned, as it’s where you sleep and spend much of your time indoors.

Clean the House Regularly

A clean home is a happy home, especially for allergy sufferers. This is doubly important if you have pets. Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly. Dust the furniture before it gets to the point your kids can draw pictures in it. Letting dust, pollen, dander and more accumulate in your house can worsen the effects of fall allergies.

Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

Keeping your indoor air quality clean helps ensure you have a sanctuary against the factors that cause allergies. Schedule a routine maintenance visit from a certified HVAC service technician to make sure your system is keeping the air in your house as clean as possible. Between maintenance visits, check and replace your air filters every one to three months.

Make your home the healthiest it can be by calling Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration at 931-241-4851. We can discuss ways to improve your HVAC system and your family’s respiratory health this fall.

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