You know that preventive maintenance on your commercial HVAC unit is important. But is signing up for a commercial HVAC maintenance plan worth it? A preventive plan offers a full inspection and routine maintenance of your commercial HVAC unit in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Thermostat Inspection

It’s likely that you interact with your thermostat on a daily basis as you adjust your commercial space’s interior temperature. Preventative maintenance and routine inspections of your thermostat are just as important as maintenance to the other parts of your HVAC unit. The service technician will inspect the thermostat connection and test its different settings. As a result, you’ll always have precise climate control.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

There are hundreds of different parts that compose your HVAC unit. Over time, these parts can slow down or break altogether. Lubricating the moving parts makes it easier for them to move while also helping them last longer. Your maintenance service technician will inspect and lubricate these important parts.

Leak Identification

Leaks can decrease the efficiency of your unit. They can also force your unit to work harder to reach the desired temperature, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs. During your maintenance appointment, your service technician will inspect your unit for any leaks in the condensate drains. They will also clean the condenser coils, ensuring they’re in great working condition.

Electrical Connections Test

Poor electrical connections can not only affect your unit’s ability to work properly. They can also also pose a dangerous risk. During an inspection, your service technician will inspect all electrical connections, tightening pieces as needed. They will also measure voltage and amperage, ensuring that your commercial HVAC unit is receiving enough power.

Preventive maintenance includes a full inspection of your commercial HVAC unit. Call Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration today at 931-241-4851 to discuss your commercial heating and cooling needs with us.

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